How Much Does Aerial Surveying Cost?

How Much Does Aerial Surveying Cost?

We often get asked the question "Well how much does your aerial surveying cost?." Sadly, the appropriate response isn't straight forward however we wish it was. We here at Kitchener Aerial Surveying are a flying studying company all things considered. That being said a specific answer is a little hard to determine without having all of your project specs.

So the most accurate answer we can give is "We need more information." A project cost is going to vary based upon the size of the task, the extent of the study, the resistances required, and the innovation expected to take care of business appropriately.

As you may be aware our business operates much like other industry's that have minimum prices. As in we have to charge a minimum number to service an area. Aerial surveying pricing depends heavily on the scope of work involved.

Bigger estimated projects will see economies of scale, with tasks in the field being lengthier. This is something beneficial for us as field activities are the simpler aspect of our responsibilities. For bigger ventures, we invest a bigger level of energy in the field. This implies we can accomplish scale evaluating.

For example a project that is requiring one small building such as the inspection of a grain elevator, would require a lot less time and work compared to a 200 acre piece of land that needs to examined. The extent of work could include maps, video, pictures etc.

At the end of the day, the type of deliverable that would be required varies from project to project. We use various advances to guarantee our clients get the greatest aerial surveying information. In the event that all of this is jabber to you, simply realize that we keep our equipment up to date with the most recent hardware. With every new endeavour we bring more value to our clients. If you have any more questions feel free to reach out to our team.